Do You Suffer from Hard Water Problems?

What our VERY Happy Customers are Saying...

  • “I have gradually been able to turn the salt chlorinator down from a 100% setting to 40 % and reduce the filtering time by 2 hours per day, thus saving on power and wear & tear on equipment.”

    - Kirwen James

  • “It works!  While I still get some iron residue I can clean it off with ease, it’s amazing!  I am definitely happy with the results and would recommend  anyone with the same problem to give it a try!”

    - Helen Morwen

  • “I could go on about lots of small benefits but the bottom line is that now I have time to enjoy our pool instead of all the time & money spent trying to keep it looking good.”

    - Robin Davies

  • “The build-up has not returned in over 4 years and before we were replacing elements in the washing machine twice a year and elements in the hot water unit 4 times a year.”

    - Benita Fredrickson

  • “First of all, the taste is wonderful. It makes me want to drink water. The coffee is the best I’ve ever tasted!”

    - Evan Jones

  • (Client added a SWC unit before their water softener) “We use about 2/3 less softening salt, and I’ve noticed I use about half of the clothes detergent than I used to, same with the dish washing detergent. It’s easier to get the shampoo rinsed out of my hair, and my skin feels great.”

    - Elaine Brown

  • “Our dog loves the water, and drinks much more than he used to. His coat is shinier and he’s been very healthy too!”

    - Ann Raven

  • “We haven’t seen the refrigeration mechanic in over 9 months.  This is a miracle as we were seeing him every week because the scale build up would trip the power and he would have to come clean it all out.”

    - Ned Josephs

  • “There are no longer any watermarks on the taps  and I know  you won’t appreciate this,  I need less shampoo and my hair is really much softer. I’ve even bought a new kettle, gone  are the days  of descaling!!”

    - Eve

  • “After seeing how good the Softerwater Conditioner was at work I was so impressed I installed the small unit (RVSoft) into our motor home, this led to a greater life span of the anodes in the water heater and stainless water tanks.”

    - Graham Kelly

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